Professional Development

Local PD Grants

Hants West Local Program Development and Enhancement Grants 2020-2021.

  • The purpose of the Local Grant has been to encourage and strengthen the many and varied activities of teachers in the provision of innovative education in this area. Through the years, the Hants West Local through this grant has supported a wide range of projects at all levels from Elementary to High School.

The PD Grants are due on November 4th, 2020 and February 3th 2021. Precedent does not bind it from one proposal to the next. The collective decision of the PD Committee is final.


· Open to Permanent, Probationary and Term Contract Teachers who are active Hants West Local members and teaching in the current school year.

· Teachers are eligible for one Hants West Local Grant within a two-year period.

· Materials must be related to the applicant’s current teaching assignment and the applicant must be directly involved in the proposal.

· Projects must be able to stand alone, not requiring ongoing financial commitment through this grant.

· Materials or similar materials must not be available through the Book Bureau.

· Funding is not available for: salaries, honoraria or labour fees, equipment rental, complete programs, transportation costs, iPads, tablets or laptops.

· Materials purchased with this fund do not require pre-approval from the applicant’s principal but will remain the property of a Hants West Local school.

· Projects considered for funding by the school regional center for education shall not be considered under this program.

· Projects that are cost shared with one’s employer or colleague will not be considered.

· Projects involving international orders and funds will be reimbursed for the value of the Canadian dollar stated on the grant application.


1. Complete the application form with a supporting proposal. Include the three main points as listed on the application form.

2. Submit the completed application on or before one of the deadline dates as specified on the application form.

3. Application must be submitted by email as an attachment to

4. Upon receiving approval email from the Committee Chair, proceed with the project, collecting receipts and other particulars for the final report.

5. Successful applicants must provide receipts and an itemized account of expenditures to the Hants West Local: Attention PD CLAIM.

· All information on receipts must be displayed clearly

· All receipts must include the grant recipients name only

Deadline for receipts: April 15, 2021.

Please note: The name on the receipts /proof of purchase must match the name of the grant applicant. Grant purchases cannot be made by a school, partner, colleague, or other individual. Only those receipts bearing the applicant’s name can be submitted for reimbursement.


1. Teacher PD Resource Material (maximum $400.00) - To purchase items for program and/or professional development by teachers. Examples: magazine subscriptions, on-line sites related to education, professional resources and texts, etc.

2. New Program Development (maximum $400.00) - Innovative classroom programs to be developed at your school, which do not presently exist.

3. Program Materials (maximum $400.00) - To purchase class materials to enhance classroom programs that are already active, excluding Book Bureau materials. Examples: books, manipulatives, audio, videos, membership to websites, etc.

4. Technology Integration Initiatives: (maximum $400.00) - To enhance the classroom program. Examples: computer programs, multimedia supports, adaptive materials, etc.

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