Expense Regulations and Rates


When attendance at a meeting or travel to and from a meeting occurs during the normal meal hours, members may claim for the respective meals. In cases where a meal is provided by the Union, the meal claim is invalid.


When staying overnight on approved Local NSTU business, an amount of $4.00 per overnight is claimable.


a. The Local will cover the necessary family care expenses for members if they are participants at the annual rep retreat or other authorized local business.

b. All claims must be accompanied by a properly completed expense form.

c. The rate for family care shall be set at the minimum hourly wage rate set by the Province of Nova Scotia up to a maximum of eight (8) hours/day for children under the age of 14 years, or ten (10) hours/day maximum if overnight is required if the child is 18 years of age or younger.

d. Before claims are paid, receipts must be provided from the person/agency providing such childcare.

e. The Union will reimburse receipted pet care expenses to a maximum of $ $20.00 including tax per day


a. Local NSTU members are eligible to claim hotel, meals, travel and other appropriate expenses while attending or while en route to or from Local NSTU approved meetings and conferences, according to rates established from time to time by the Provincial Executive.

b. NSTU members may claim hotel accommodations en route to an approved local NSTU meeting, conference or event providing that the distance from the member’s home to the event venue is in excess of 450 km. Reimbursement shall be the cost of the en route accommodation or the amount negotiated at the NSTU contract hotel, whichever is the lesser.

c. The cost of taxi travel will only be reimbursed with receipt and approval.

d. Parking Guidelines:

If not staying at any hotel, parking fees up to a maximum of $25.00 per diem with official parkade receipts will be accepted.


a. Meal Allowance

The NSTU meal allowance is $49.00/day; ($11.00 – Breakfast; $13.00 – Lunch; $30.00 – Dinner), including tax and gratuities.

b. Metrage Rate

The NSTU metrage rate for NSTU members is forty-four cents (44¢) per kilometre.