Hants West NSTU

Executive Meeting.

Our first meeting for the 2023-24 School year will be  August 24th at 10:00 am at the Super in Windsor. Looking forward to seeing you there. 

How to Log on to Success Factors:

1. Go to www.avrce.ca and click on Staff. 

2. Select Success Factors from the listed choices. 

3. Enter your Username which is your Permanent P400 #, and Password. 

4. If you do not remember your password, Click on the “?” next to the password field and enter  your username and reset. 

5. An email will be sent to your staff (@gnspes.ca) email account with a link to create a new  password. 


Please see new page for Scholarship information

 You can sign up for an NSTU email Address at webaccounts.nstu.ca

Reset your NSTU Password at NSTU Web Account