Question: How do I become involved with the NSTU?

Answer: Why not become involved locally. You could put your name forward to serve as a “School Rep” on the Hants West Local Executive. You could put your name forward to serve as a Table Officer of the Hant West Local. You could serve on a Local Committee such as Professional Development or Social Committee. You could write an article for the regional newsletter, “Local Voices.” You could attend Annual Council in May as a Hants West delegate. You could put your name forward to be chosen to attend the conference “Contact” in the summer. You could also participate in Regional or Provincial Committees or write for “The Teacher” or “Aviso.”

Question: What should I know, as a substitute working with the NSTU?

Answer: This brochure answers frequently asked questions about the membership opportunities within the NSTU, as well as available services. It is available in Adobe PDF format in English and French.

Question: I’m looking for infomation about course reimbursement? October NSTU Conference claim? Other conference applications? Educational Leave? Teacher-intiated inservice? School-initialted Inservice? I would like to visit another educator in his/her work environment?

Answer: These opportunities and funds are governed by the Regional PD Committee. Click here to go to the AVRSB professional development fund site.